Alcohol-free wine?

Welcome back guys! While A Taste of 21 is a blog pertaining to alcohol, I understand that there are many of you out there who don’t or can’t drink. You might be the lone wolf of your pack of friends who always gets stuck feeling like the odd one out, or the DD, while everyone else is sipping away. Well fret no more, there’s an interesting alternative!

I came across a post by ForkwardThinkingFoodinista, where she reviewed a brand of alcohol-free wine. Yes, you read that right, alcohol-free wine with less calories and the same crisp taste as the real thing! Eisberg is a company located in the UK who produces this innovative vino in six different flavors. So whether you’re a non-drinker, the DD, pregnant/breastfeeding or on medication, etc. this sounds like it could be a neat option. Read Melanie’s post about Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine by clicking here!

©Melanie and forkwardthinkingfoodinista, 2016.

After reading her review on Eisberg I decided to check out the blog of the “foodinista” herself, Melanie Williams, the writer of ForkwardThinkingFoodinista. She began posting in March 2016 and has since been consistently producing content. She’s reviewed everything from restaurants, bars and hotels to food festivals and different types of alcohol. Her word choice of “forkward” instead of forward and “foodinista” instead of fashionista in her title is a creative and unique attribute that complements her brand. The art design on her page (pictured above) is very appealing and I find it modernly chic. You can follow Melanie on Twitter, @melanie3418, for updates on her posts and all things blogging. Cheers!


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